At Halo Salon and Color Lab we approach the art and science of hairdressing differently. Part of that difference is the use of a diagnosic tool called a Cappilliscope. A Cappilliscope is like a microscope for the hair and scalp. Under 200x magnification we can see various conditions of the hair and scalp, understand hair loss issues, as well as look at the integrity of the hair.

As a biology major in college, our owner Jenna is fascinated by the biochemistry of the hair and scalp. Even though your skin and hair are made of very similar elements. Unfortunately, the hair fiber does not contain a vascular system, meaning, you cannot rehydrate your hair by drinking water. It is a dead fiber. Heat damage, hair that has been damaged by chemical processes as well as hair that is brittle and breaking all look very different under the scope, and therefore need to be treated with professional treatments or take home products in order to correct the issue. It also helps our stylists to understand the limitations your hair has as far as color goes and allows us to mix the proper strength.

Scope appointments are always complimentary. That’s how important we feel scoping the hair is to the overall well-being of your hair. We can also, following a scope appointment, recommend an in salon treatment to go ahead and jump start the healing. Typically, we like to see you for a follow up appointment two to four weeks later to ensure that the products and regimen we have you on is effective.

Some reasons you may want to book a diagnostic appointment:
Dry, itchy or flaky scalp, tender head, loss or disruption of curl pattern (usually a sign of dehydration), Hair loss, hair that seems to not grow either all over the head or in certain areas, breaking or brittle hair, hair that feels straw like or slippery or rubbery when wet, if you have had a color service and feel as though you were over processed, bald patches, or a family history of hair loss.

We have helped hundreds of men and women achieve the hair they never thought they could have through the use of the Cappilliscope. It is truly a unique service that sets our salon apart.


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