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Take the mystery out of makeup by having one of our expert artists work their magic on you. Whether you have just had your hair color changed and are looking for new ideas to compliment your new hue or you are going to a special event Halo has options for every face!

Are you a bride looking for High definition makeup services? Check out Halo Brides to find out packages, pricing and more.

What is High definition or Airbrush makeup and why is it important?
HD makeup was designed by makeup artists to accommodate the increasing use of highs speed cameras during special events. Certain cosmetics have ingredients in them that “flash back” or make your face photograph lighter than your body. Our artist can also contour your face using airbrush techniques drawing attention to your assets and correcting assemetry, and adding glowing highlights to your cheekbones. Our makeup artists are all trained professionals with lots and lots of editorial and runway work under their belts. After a visit with them you will photograph as beautiful as you look in person.


Halo Signature High Definition (airbrush) or hand painted foundation. Perfect for a special event. Full face application including eyes with your choice of lashes, lips and brow grooming, cheeks and contouring.
$85 Chest or back add $10 each.

Halo Eyes Perfect for date night! Our eyes only package includes professional eye makeup application, your choice of lashes and brow grooming, all you do is apply your own foundation and lips and you are ready to turn heads.

Makeup Lesson Don’t know an angle brush from a conturing one? Confused about what colors will compliment you and work with your daily routine? Don’t fret, our artists are here to help. They will make a face chart for you to take home with different looks for you to duplicate both day and night. $60 Free with equal makeup or tool purchase!

Tattoo or scar cover up $25 per square inch.

Strip lashes only $10-15

Lavish Lash Tinting* Get the look of mascara without the fuss lasts 8-12 weeks $50: $25 with any eyelash extension application

Eyelash Extensions*

Lash extensions eliminate the need for mascara or an eyelash curler. When your lashes are longer your face and profile open, leading to a beautiful effect. Maintained properly you can wear them to your hearts content. For light colored nautral lashes, we recommend a lash tint in combination with your extensions.

Eyelash Extensions Single Layer This is for a naural “everyday look” and last up to six weeks $100

Eyelash Extensions Double Layer For those who like a fuller look. Perfect for special occasions and last up to six weeks $125

Eyelash Extensions Triple Layer An absolute Drag-matic look. Think Kardashian. Lasts up to six weeks $150

Eyelash Extension Fill Fill in your extensions about every 4-5 weeks to keep them looking their best. $50

Eyelash Extension Removal No longer need or want your extentions? Remove them safely! $30


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