Hair color is magical. A perfect marriage of art and science. When placed correctly, color can make fine hair appear thicker, limp hair appear fuller, and dull hair appear radiant. Following French theory we customize each clients formula and placement, often using freehand techniques like balayage, ombre, and line lighting.

Our hair color services are world class. Master colorist and owner Jenna Rabideau Johnsons work has been featured in publications world wide. As the national ambassador for the French hair color line Subtil, she travels the country teaching other colorists her tricks… and she personally educates each and every colorist at Halo.
Subtil hair color is different. It contains a state of the art corn derivative called epiline rather than the traditional PPD that so many people are sensitive to. Using Tinctoral (or plant derived) dye molecules you can feel safe knowing that you aren’t having a bunch of toxic ingredients dumped on your head.
No matter if you are looking to cover the first signs of grey, start highlighting for the first time or are a full blown color addict we are here to give you the look you want without sacrificing the integrity of your hair fiber…

Hair color pricing is difficult to quote. If you need a specific quote please schedule a complimentary consultation.

Colorist-$ 65
Advanced colorist-$ 75
Expert Colorist-$ 85
Master Colorist-$95
Pull Ends Through -$20

Full Highlights
Colorist -$150
Advanced colorist-$ 160
Expert Colorist-$ 175
Master Colorist-$ 185

Partial Highlights
Colorist- $95
Advanced Colorist -$105
Expert Colorist- $120
Master Colorist-$135

Tint between highlights add-$ 25+
Base Break –$$35
Glaze or Toner -$25+
Ampuole of conditioning oil mixed with your color -$20

Free Hand Techniques
Balyage -$155+
Ombre-$ 150+
Line Lighting -$130+
Renoir Dimentional-$130+

Corrective color is priced ala carte with a 10% discount given for all services performed in the same day. We prefer to have a consult with all of our corrective clients so that we can provide the best service possible.

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